Here goes

So I keep being told I should start a blog, as apparently my lovely facebook friends keep telling me I’m rather funny. So…. Here is my Blog. As you can probably tell I have no idea what I am doing, and have spent most of the afternoon shouting and swearing at the laptop, swearing at myself, the dog and Tony Blair who appeared on the tv taking about Brexit. To be fair I don’t need to be annoyed at my lack of computer skills to shout and swear at Tony Blair, it just happens automatically a bit like having some form of politically induced tourettes.  Anyway after a walk with the dog in the rain and a few wines I have finally managed to figure out what I’m doing. I Think. So here it is. A general blog about life. Or my life. And the bizarre and random things that tend to happen in it as I trawl through life trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing, accompanied with a sarcastic teenager, 2 cats, a dog who eats everything and barks at cheese graters and a mother who still believes I’m 12 and brings me clothes pegs, cauliflowers and tubs of frozen gravy.

So once Ive got up and running and one day might actually figure out how all this works…please feel free to read and hopefully laugh and find out that maybe these things happen to you…or mabe not unless you end up being invited to random funerals, meet people called Judith urinating in the woods or have dog that licks strangers bottoms then I think your pretty safe.

Cheers….here’s to more wine.


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