Squirrel Gate

So today didn’t get off to the best start. It started as per normal with the usual twenty five cups of tea or else I have no ability to be able to string a sentence together let alone deal with the general public. Breakfast, shower, wake up teenager then run away from teenager to escape either mood swing, grunting or slamming of doors at the mere mention of getting out of bed. I Grab dog lead and coax dog out of door with dog biscuits and proceed to walk to the lovely spa gardens for a pleasant morning stroll.

What a lovely morning. Sun is shining, birds are singing, all is well with the world……..until dog spy’s squirrel.  At this point dog, still on the lead, runs after said squirrel who scrambles up the nearest tree, leaving dog with me attached to the other end of the lead dragged 10 metres along the grass and head first into a pile of swept up fallen leaves and cut grass.  Now I have to mention that normally at this time in a morning no one is ever in spa gardens. I never see another sole. But NO, not THIS morning. Every man, dog, woman and child happens to be in there today. So there I am, resembling  Worzel Gummage spitting out mouthfuls of grass while my 30 kilogram Labrador is attempting to climb the tree whilst the squirrel is quite happily sitting eating his nuts and what looks like to my dazed mind….giving the finger.

Lessons learnt: Don’t go back into Spa gardens. In fact don’t leave the house. Ever. Again.



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